Livemail EMail Setup


Step 1

  • Click on "Accounts" (highlighted in red in picture), then click on "Properties" (highlighted in blue in picture).


Step 2

  • While in "General" tab, ensure your full email address is typed into the "E-mail address" box.

  • Check the "Include this account when receiving mail or synchronizing" box.

  • Your "Mail Account" name and name under "User Information" can be whatever you wish.


Step 3

  • Click on the "Servers" tab.

  • Under "Server Information" header, make sure "POP3" or "IMAP" is typed into the empty box for the "My incoming mail server is a _______ server." sentence.

  • For "Incoming mail (POP3)" or "Incoming mail (IMAP)", type "" into the respective box.

  • For "Outgoing mail (SMTP)", ensure "" is typed into respective box.

  • Make sure your full email address is typed in the box for "Email username", and your password is typed in correctly for the "Password" box.

  • Check the box "Remember password".

  • Select the option for "Log on using clear text authentication". Ensure the box for "My server requires authentication" is checked.

  • Click the "settings" box (highlighted in blue in picture).


Step 4

  • In the box titled "Outgoing Mail Server", ensure "Use same settings as my incoming mail server" is selected.

  • Click "OK".


Step 5

  • Click the "Security" tab.

  • Ensure "3DES" is selected for "Algorithm".


Step 6

  • Click the "Advanced" tab.

  • Under the header "Server Port Numbers", make sure "25" is typed into the box for "Outgoing mail (SMTP)", and "110" ("143" for IMAP) is typed into the box for "Incoming mail (POP3)" or "Incoming mail (IMAP)".

  • Ensure both boxes for "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" are unchecked.

  • Click the "Apply" button, then click "OK".