Fiber (FioMe)

What is FioMe?


MGW's Fiber Optic Internet, FioMe, is the most advanced Internet technology available today. Fiber provides a more dedicated internet experience that carries signals of digital pulses of light that allows for MGW to provide bandwidth speeds to fit the customers lifestyles and desires.

Using a combination of light and glass, this technology brings Internet at the speed of light.

MGW is excited to bring Fiber to many areas throughout Western Virginia. Fiber is currently being provided to the Augusta, Bath, and Highland counties in select areas. Areas currently qualifying for Fiber are downtown Staunton, Goshen and those bordering Route 42, Route 250 along with other areas. MGW is working to provide fiber to as many areas throughout Virginia as possible. Please watch our website for additional information. 

Please call [877] 579-9572 for additional information.


Residential Fiber Packages 

+[FioMe 5 MB]: $39.99 

+[FioMe 15 MB]: $49.99 

+[FioMe 25 MB]: $69.99

+[FioMe 50 MB]: $99.99 

Business Fiber Packages:

+[FioMe 5 MB]: $59.99 

+[FioMe 15 MB]: $69.99 

+[FioMe 25 MB]: $104.99 

+[FioMe 50 MB]: $134.99 

(FioMe prices above for first 12 months)